Ray’s 2000 Movie Awards


Ray’s 2000 Film Awards


  1. Traffic
  2. The Contender
  3. O Brother Where Art Thou?
  4. Chocolat
  5. You Can Count on Me
  6. Almost Famous
  7. Best in Show
  8. Unbreakable
  9. The Wonder Boys
  10. The Cell


Because I said so.

Runners up

Boiler Room, What’s Cooking?, High Fidelity, Timecode, Quills, Thirteen Days, Chicken Run, Smiling Fish and Goat on Fire, Croupier, Tigerland, Billy Elliot, The Yards, Sunshine, State and Main, East is East

Perfectly Harmless Fun

Keeping the Faith, Pitch Black, The Whole Nine Yards, Final Destination, Return to Me, 28 Days, Where the Money Is, Frequency, Road Trip, The Kid, Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, Remember the Titans, Miss Congeniality, Cast Away, Snatch, Center Stage, DinosaurActor

Tom Hanks, Cast Away

Ralph Fiennes, Sunshine

*Javier Bardem, Before Night Falls

Geoffrey Rush, Quills

Michael Douglas, The Wonder Boys

HONORABLE MENTION: Jamie Bell in Billy Elliot, Clive Owen in Croupier, Bruce Willis in Unbreakable, Donal Logue in The Tao of Steve, George Clooney in O Brother Where Art Thou?, Om Puri in East is East



Laura Linney, You Can Count On Me

*Julia Roberts, Erin Brockovich

Juliet Binoche, Chocolat

Gillian Anderson, The House of Mirth

Joan Allen, The Contender

Supporting Actor

*Jeff Bridges, The Contender

Billy Crudup, Almost Famous

Mark Ruffalo, You Can Count on Me

Benicio Del Toro, Traffic

Willem Dafoe, Shadow of the Vampire

HONORABLE MENTION:  Samuel L. Jackson in Unbreakable, Josh Hartnett in The Virgin Suicides, Todd Louiso and Jack Black in High Fidelity, John Hawkes in The Perfect Storm, Lucas Black in All the Pretty Horses, John Michael Higgins and Fred Willard in Best in Show, Colin Farrell in Tigerland

Supporting Actress

Judi Dench, Chocolat

*Frances McDormand, The Wonder Boys and Almost Famous

Madeline Kahn, Judy Berlin

Kate Hudson, Almost Famous

Rosemary Harris, Sunshine

HONORABLE MENTION: Parker Posey Scream 3 (No, I’m not kidding, she was brilliant) and the divine Elaine May in Small Time Crooks


*Steven Soderbergh, Traffic

Rod Lurie, The Contender

Lasse Hallstrom, Chocolat

Joel Coen, O Brother Where Art Thou?

Cameron Crowe, Almost Famous

Adapted Screenplay

Ethan Coen, O Brother Where Art Thou?

*Stephen Gaghan, Traffic

Robert Nelson Jacobs, Chocolat

Steven Kloves, The Wonder Boys

Doug Wright, Quills

Original Screenplay

Ken Lonergan, You Can Count On Me

*Rod Lurie, The Contender

Cameron Crowe, Almost Famous

M. Night Shyamalan, Unbreakable

David Mamet, State and Main


Paul Laufer, The Cell

Barry Markowitz, All the Pretty Horses

*Roger Deakins, O Brother Where Art Thou?

Steven Soderbergh, Traffic (yep, he was the DP!)

Roger Pratt, Chocolat

Eduardo Serra, Unbreakable

Visual Effects

The Perfect Storm

Production Design

Tom Foden, The Cell

Best Score

Howard Shore, The Yards

Best Soundtrack

O Brother Where Art Thou?

Best Documentary

Eyes of Tammy Faye – trust me, you’ve got to rent this one.

Best Surprise Ending

What’s Cooking?  Despite the corny title, this is a terrific movie about four Los Angeles families on Thanksgiving.

Funniest Movies

Best in Show

Chicken Run

State and Main

The Whole Nine Yards

Best Performance By An Actress in a 40 Second Role

Amy Hohn as the Airline Clerk in Meet the Parents

Best Experimental Film

Mike Figgis’s Timecode, which simultaneously showed four screens of action.  The entire film was shot in four simultaneous 90 minute takes with digital cameras.  The result was more than a stunt, it was a stunning experience!  It’s also the first time I’ve ever seen Jeanne Tripplehorn in a movie without wanting to slap her silly.

Underrated Movies

The Yards.  Why was this movie ignored?  It’s a beautiful, sad, almost operatic story of a Brooklyn kid struggling to go straight despite overwhelming pressure to do otherwise.

Titan A.E.  Why was this movie ignored?  It’s a beautiful, fun, exciting animated space adventure.

Unbreakable.  Of course it isn’t as great as The Sixth Sense, but it’s still a terrific movie.  However, America can’t handle a movie that’s languidly paced. 

The Sixth Day – a surprisingly smart and entertaining futuristic thriller; this one’s worth cloning, Arnold!

A Triumph of Style Over Substance


Worst Name for a Good Movie

Laughing Fish and Goat on Fire

Great Title

The Tao of Steve

Easily the Best Family Film of 2000

My Dog Skip

Great To See You Again . . . Please Stick Around This Time!

Carroll O’Connor in Come Back to Me

Bruce Dern in All the Pretty Horses

Pamela Reed in Proof of Life

Best Internet Movie

George Lucas in Love

Special Career Development Award

To director Joel Schumacher.  Keep it up, Joel.  After Tigerland, we might have to start taking you seriously after all these years!

Great Scenes

Prep school student Topher Grace explains the social economics of the illegal drug trade to Michael Douglas in Traffic.

Bruce Willis lifts weights, with the help of his son (Spencer Treat Clark) in Unbreakable.

Jeff Bridges’ final speech to Congress in The Contender

Mark Ruffalo and his 10-year old nephew win a pool bar bet in You Can Count in Me

Rock star Billy Crudup gets dressed down on the phone by supermom Frances McDormand in Almost Famous

Todd Louiso uses his arcane knowledge of Green Day to successfully flirt with Sara Gilbert in High Fidelity

Best Directorial Debut

*Tarsem Singh, The Cell

Sofia Coppola, The Virgin Suicides

Ed Norton, Keeping the Faith

Kevin Jordan, Smiling Fish and Goat on Fire

Best Use of Weather as a Character in a Movie

The unrelenting Pittsburgh weather in The Wonder Boys

The Year of Nice Movies About Adult Sibling Relationships

You Can Count on Me

Smiling Fish and Goat on Fire

Most Fortuitous Casting

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-Men.  Thanks, Dougray Scott, for having to drop out!

Best Teen Movie

Bring It On

Please Can We See More Of

Amanda Peet (hilarious in The Whole Nine Yards as a dental hygienist who really rather be an assassin)

Jim Caviezel — excellent in Frequency

Gabrielle Union – excellent as the hottie Compton cheerleader captain in Bring It On

Adam Garcia – excellent in completely unseen Bootmen

That Gym Membership is Really Paying Off

Vin Diesel, Dermot Mulroney

Honorable Misfires

The Ninth Gate – don’t give up, Roman Polanski, we still believe you’ve got some good movies in you!

All the Pretty Horses – Billy Bob, you had all the right ingredients . . . they just didn’t quite catch fire

The Gift – love Sam Raimi, love Cate Blanchett . . . not terrible but not the gem I hoped it would be.

Worst Movies of 1999

Reindeer Games – Veteran Director John Frankenheimer’s latest in his long and embarrassing decline

I Dreamed of Africa – so did I, Ms. Basinger, after I went to sleep while watching this movie

MI2 – the ONLY thing good about it is that its extra-long shooting schedule forced co-star Dougray Scott to drop out of X-Men.

Hollow Man – blech.

Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows – I was (and remain) a HUGE fan of the original, but this half-baked mess is . . . a half-baked mess.

Vertical Limit – who knew a daring rescue on K2 could be so BORING?!

The Fantasticks – if you love the musical as much as I do it was heartbreaking to sit through this misbegotten fiasco

Hanging Up – Nora Ephron should be excommunicated for taking three of our best actresses (Diane Keaton, Meg Ryan and Lisa Kudrow) and one legendary actor (Walter Matthau) and coming up with this mess.

Most Disturbingly Overrated Movies of 2000


Nurse Betty

Worst Remake of Braveheart

The Patriot

A Big Fat Disappointment

Fantasia 2000

Worst Gay Movie

But I’m a Cheerleader!

Worst Supporting Actor

Guy Pearce with his baffling accent and anorexic physique in Rules of Engagement.  Let’s hope he’s better in the upcoming Memento.

Worst Actor

It pains me to report it, but this year’s winner is Harrison Ford for What Lies Beneath. 

Worst Actress

Robin Tunney in Vertical Limit.  I wouldn’t have crossed the street to save her life, much less climbed a mountain!

I Love You, But Take a REST Already

Helen Hunt, who in 2000 appeared in Dr. T and the Women, What Women Want, Pay it Forward and Cast Away.  Time to switch to decaf, honey.

Reason to Consider Extending the Eligible Age for Statutory Rape

Autumn in New York

Reason To Cling To Hope

Adam’s Sandler’s Little Nicky TANKED at the box office.  So sad.

Most Abused Planet

Mars.  Poor thing, it had not one but two high-profile terrible films about its exploration this year: Red Planet and Mission to Mars.  You deserve better, dude.

Now Playing At the Shrieking Nightmare Multiplex


Hamlet (Ethan Hawke’s version)

Jesus’ Son

The Patriot

Space Cowboys

Dr. T. and the Women

Proof of Life

What Women Want

Dude, Where’s My Car?

The Claim

Hanging Up



No No No No You Can’t Make Me See It


How the Grinch Stole ChristmasCharley’s AngelsBounceDuetsDancer in the Dark

The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas

Gone in Sixty Seconds

Me, Myself and Irene

102 Dalmations

Pay it Forward


Shanghai Noon

What Planet Are You From?


We Will Miss You . . .Hedy LamarrRichard MulliganBilly BartyJason Robards

Victor Borge

Werner Klemperer

Steve Allen

Julie London

David Dukes

David Tomlinson

Tito Puente

Paul Bartel

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Steve Reeves

Edward Gorey

Larry Linville

Durward Kirby

Roger Vadim

Jim Varney

Doug Henning


And the Eight I’ll Miss the Most . . .

Charles Shulz

Gwen Verdon

Marie Windsor

Nancy Marchand

Alec Guinness

John Gielgud

Walter Matthau

Claire Trevor


Upcoming 2000 Titles To Get Excited About

Denzel Washington plays a maverick fine art professor in Remember the Titians.

Alanis Morrissette plays a maverick Greek architecture professor in Isn’t It Ionic?




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