2016 Movie Awards


The Year’s Best Films

  1. Moonlight
    Beautiful, unexpected coming of age triptych
  2. Hidden Figures
    Exhilarating corrective racial history lesson
  3. The Witch
    Horrifying depiction of religious madness
  4. La La Land
    Candy-colored L.A. fantasia
  5. Tickled
    Jaw-dropping mystery documentary with an authentically juicy villain
  6. OJ: Made in America
    Titanic use of the documentary form
  7. Arrival
    A rare smart science fiction movie!
  8. The Handmaiden
    A fever-dream of sex, deception and betrayal
  9. Manchester By the Sea
    A very pure and heartfelt portrait of grief
  10. Midnight Special
    Forget Loving. THIS was the GOOD Jeff Nichols movie this year.

Honorable Mention:

The Nice Guys

The Wave [Norway]

Train to Busan

10 Cloverfield Lane

Don’t Think Twice

Eye in the Sky

Sing Street

Green Room

The Invitation

Love and Friendship

Hell or High Water

In Order of Disappearance [Norway]



Perfectly Enjoyable

Barbershop:  The Next Cut

Edge of Seventeen


The Duelist [Russia]

The Meddler

Everybody Wants Some!!

Finding Dory


Don’t Breathe

The Shallows

De Palma

Women He’s Undressed

Becoming Mike Nichols


Lo and Behold:  Reveries of the Connected World

Blue Jay


Denzel Washington, Fences

Vincent Lindon, The Measure of a Man [France]

*Casey Affleck, Manchester-By-The Sea

Ryan Gosling, La La Land

Honorable Mention:  John Goodman, 10 Cloverfield Lane; Ralph Ineson, The Witch


Viola Davis, Fences

Min-hee Kim, The Handmaiden

Taraji P. Henson, Hidden Figures

Isabelle Huppert, Elle

*Annette Bening, 20th Century Women

Honorable Mention:  Anya Taylor-Joy, The Witch; Natalie Portman, Jackie; Ruth Negga, Loving; Hailee Steinfeld, Edge of Seventeen; Sally Field, Hello My Name is Doris; Meryl Streep, Florence Foster Jenkins; Kate Beckinsale, Love and Friendship

Supporting Actor

Tracy Letts, Indignation

Sunny Pawar, Lion

Russell Hornsby, Fences

Jeff Bridges, Hell or High Water

*Mahershala Ali, Moonlight

Honorable Mention:  Tom Bennett, Love and Friendship; Gil Birmingham, Hell or High Water; Simon Helgberg, Florence Foster Jenkins; Ashton Sanders, Moonlight

Supporting Actress

Michelle Williams, Manchester-By-The-Sea

*Naomie Harris, Moonlight

Kate Dickie, The Witch

Molly Shannon, Other People

Octavia Spencer, Hidden Figures


*Barry Jenkins, Moonlight

Robert Eggers, The Witch

Chan-wook Park, The Handmaiden

Damien Chazelle, La La Land

Denis Villeneuve, Arrival


City of Gold


Presenting Princess Shaw

The Eagle Huntress


*OJ: Made in America

Animated Feature


Kubo and the Two Strings

*The Red Turtle

Foreign language feature

*The Handmaiden (South Korea)

Train to Busan (South Korea)

The Wave (Norway)

In Order of Disappearance (Norway)

The Duelist (Russia)


Café Society (Vittorio Storaro)

*Nocturnal Animals (Seamus McGarvey)

La La Land (Linus Sandgren)

Moonlight (James Laxton)

The Handmaiden (Chung-hoon Chung)

Production Design

*La La Land (David Wasco, Sandy Reynolds-Wasco)

Hidden Figures (Wynn Thomas)

The Witch (Craig Lathrop)

The Handmaiden (Seong-hie Ryu)

Costume Design

*La La Land (Mary Zophres)

Hidden Figures (Renee Ehrlich Kalfus)

The Handmaiden (Sang-gyeong Jo)



*Office Christmas Party

Sausage Party

Neighbors 2

People who need to be a bigger deal

T.J. Miller, who was so terrific in Deadpool and Office Christmas Party

Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch)

Gil Birmingham, low-key but irresistible in Hell or High Water

Jerrod Carmichael (The Meddler, Neighbors 2)

Blake Jenner (Everybody Wants Some!!, Edge of Seventeen)

Glen Powell (Everybody Wants Some!!, Hidden Figures)

Mahershala Ali (Moonlight, Hidden Figures)

Writer/Director Jeremy Saulnier, whose film Green Room was the thriller of the year

Writer/Director Mike Birbiglia, who showed amazing growth between his first feature (Sleepwalk With Me from 2012) to this year’s Don’t Think Twice

Jenny Slate, so good in Zootopia and My Blind Brother

Best Sly Casting Joke

Tom Everett Scott in La La Land.  Think about his resume and you’ll get it.

Best performance as a lesbian taco

Salma Hayek in Sausage Party

Best Performance by a former game of thrones actor

Kate Dickie in The Witch

Country whose movies need more viewers and awards and stuff

South Korea.  If you’re not going to South Korean movies these days, you are really missing out.

what the  actual @*^ do they have to do to win a freaking oscar?

Annette Bening

John Goodman

Guilty Pleasures

Hardcore Harry

Office Christmas Party

Best Thriller

Green Room

Best Mystery


But At least it looked good.  right?



The Lobster

Most reprehensively deceptive trailer

The Lobster


Sing Street

The Nice Guys

The Witch

Midnight Special

Best Extended dialog scene

Indignation:  Logan Lerman (college student) and Tracy Letts (Dean) spar in an increasingly odd and uncomfortable exchange.

Memorable lines

Moonlight:  “Ok. Let your head rest in my hand. Relax. I got you. I promise. I won’t let you go. Hey man. I got you. There you go. Ten Seconds. Right there. You in the middle of the world.”

The Witch:  “Did ye make some unholy bond with that goat?”

Hidden Figures:  “There are no colored bathrooms in this building, or any building outside the West Campus, which is half a mile away. Did you know that? I have to walk to Timbuktu just to relieve myself! And I can’t use one of the handy bikes. Picture that, Mr. Harrison. My uniform, skirt below the knees and my heels. And simple necklace pearls. Well, I don’t own pearls. Lord knows you don’t pay the colored enough to afford pearls! And I work like a dog day and night, living on coffee from a pot none of you want to touch! So, excuse me if I have to go to the restroom a few times a day.”

Zootopia:  “Fear ALWAYS works!”


Jungle Book (sorry, everyone)

The Feel-bad movies of 2016

Weiner Dog

Nocturnal Animals


Just a hot mess

The Little Prince

Worst movies of 2016

Too Late




In Memoriam

The roster of performers and other show business types we lost in 2016 is absolutely overwhelming.  Feel free to skip this portion if you’ve run out of tears.  But here goes.  The purely objective short list of the losses that particular sadden me are at the top.

Alan Rickman

Maurice White

Harper Lee

Umberto Eco

Pat Conroy

Patty Duke

Gene Wilder

Edward Albee

Florence Henderson

Carrie Fisher

Debbie Reynolds



Pat Harrington, Jr.

David Bowie

Dan Haggerty

Glen Frey

Abe Vigoda


George Gaines

Sonny James

Tony Burton

George Kennedy

George Martin

Keith Emerson

Phife Dawg

Garry Shandling

Jim Harrison

Eric Bauersfeld

Merle Haggard

Doris Roberts


Billy Paul

Guy Clark

Alan Young

Muhammad Ali

Theresa Saldana

Ron Lester

Anton Yelchin

Ralph Stanley

Bernie Whorrell

Michael Cimino

Noel Neill

Garry Marshall

David Huddleston

Pete Fountain

Barry Jenner

Kenny Baker

Fyvush Finkel

Steven Hill

Juan Gabriel

John Polito

Alexis Arquette

W.P. Kinsella

Curtis Hanson

Bill Nunn

Tommy Ford

Leonard Cohen

Robert Vaughn

Leon Russell

Holly Dunn

Sharon Jones

Ron Glass

Grant Lake

Grant Tinker

Joseph Mascolo

E.R. Braithwaite

Alan Thicke

Zsa Zsa Gabor

George Michael

Rickey Harris

Richard Adams

Barbara Tarbuck

William Christopher



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